Fancy Art Nouveau – EN

Fancy Art Nouveau – EN
Séries: Vive l'Art Nouveau - toute la collection
Genres: Arts, Éducation
Mot clé: Anglais
Longueur : 32 pages
ISBN: 9782930382173

An interactive journey to the land of arabesques.

A propos du livre

A new wind is blowing in Brussels. Architects are inspired by nature. Victor Horta draws arabesques. Paul Hankar creates insect-shaped shop windows. Tea is taken at the Old England. An entire street was built by Ernest Blérot. Henry van de Velde designed his cottage. The city is embellished. The facades are covered with sgraffiti. Craftsmen create stained glass, mosaic, ironwork, furniture, wallpaper, vase, jewel… All for the art, the art for all!

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